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 I'm taking a break.  I spent the entire morning shopping and preparing the goodies for tomorrow's football game party, which we're hosting.
Our hungry, thirsty Packer fan buddies will arrive at 2:00. 


- Brat sliders.  I pre-cooked the brats, then cut them in half, then sliced the halves length wise, so each bratwurst is cut into flat quarters. Tomorrow I'll brown the brats under the broiler and toast the little buns, then assemble them, and serve them with condiments of sauerkraut, onion, mustard and ketchup.

- Buffalo wings.  Two big honkin' trays of wings.  I made genuine ranch dressing for them - the kind with buttermilk and mayo. 

- Celery and carrot sticks. Aha! Something healthy. How redeeming.

- Rick Krispie Bars.  Made with butter and freshly harvested soft, squishy genuine Jet Puffed Marshmallows.

- Chicken Chile Con Queso.  My husband's in charge of this one.  He's perfecting his recipe, because he's making it for an office party next week and wants to give it a trial-run.  It's a dip, served with tortilla chips.  

- Beer, Soda, Water.

- Pickle Juice.  Just kidding.

This afternoon will be taken up with dusting, vacuuming, and giving the bathrooms a fast once-over.  It won't take long. Amazing how clean the house stays without kids at home any more. 

I'm looking forward to the football party. Lots of fun, with our best friends.
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 An excerpt from a news article this morning:: 

CBS Sports.com
Pickle Juice and NFL Players?

When it comes to folk remedies, professional athletes are miles ahead of the game. Whether putting butter on a burn or rubbing dirt on a cut, they'll do just about anything if they think it'll help them get through a game.

Including drinking pickle juice.

The practice of downing cucumber brine isn't a new one. It's been used for decades and got media attention back in 2000 when Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder credited pickle juice as the secret weapon that helped his team stomp the Cowboysin Texas Stadium. On that day, temperatures on the field soared above 110 degrees -- the perfect conditions for a cramp-fest.
But the Philadelphia players, dosed with the neon elixir, avoided the crippling injury and won running away, 41-14.

As it turns out, this is one of those rare occasions where the science caught up to the practice.

A study done last year at BYU proved the efficacy of the folksy curative. Subjects exercised to the point of mild dehydration and had cramps induced. Those who drank pickle juice felt relief within 85 seconds, almost twice as fast as water or other sports drinks.


I was intrigued, and googled 'pickle juice'.  And subsequently learned that it's excellent for preventing and treating hangovers!
I'll have to keep this in mind.  We have a lot of parties in the weeks ahead. It's just possible that I might need to give pickle juice a try...


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